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AFFF 2009: Ticket Giveaway

Ticket Giveaway to the Asian Festival of First Films (AFFF)!

AFFF is the only festival that celebrates first-time film and documentary-makers and provides a platform for budding film talent. This year’s nominated films hail from Australia, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and UK and will be screened in their original languages ranging from Hindi and Persian to Cantonese and English.

This year, AFFF will be giving away the first 20 readers a pair of tickets to movie Frontier Blues or Looking for Anne!

Simply write in to and include in title “Blog Ticket Giveaways” and in the message your NRIC name, NRIC no. handphone number, email address and your movie choice.

Film Title: Frontier Blues
Nominated for: Best Actor, Best Screenplay
Country: UK
Language: Persian
Length: 95 mins
Showing on: 3rd Dec, 4.45pm, GV Marina

Frontier Blues takes place on Iran’s northern frontier with Turkmenistan. It consists of 4 stories:

-Alam is a 28-year-old Turkmen man who lives with his father and works in a chicken farm.
-Hassan is a 28-year-old Persian man who has a pet donkey and lives with his uncle.
-Kazem, is Hassan’s uncle and he owns a clothing store but the clothes he tries to sell never seem to fit anyone.
– A 55-year-old Turkmen minstrel is the subject of a book of photography by a photographer from Tehran. His wife was stolen by a Sheppard in a green Mercedes many years ago.

Film Title: Looking for Anne
Nominated for: Best Director, Best Film
Director: Takako Miyahira
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Length: 105 mins
Showing on: 3nd Dec, 7pm, GV Marina

The journey of a seventeen year old Japanese girl, Anri, who comes to Prince Edward Island with a secret mission, to find a Canadian war veteran. Gradually we find out that the veteran was the man who gave the book “Anne of Green Gables” to her recently deceased grandmother, and was potentially her first love.


This festival will take place from 28 November 2009 to 4 December 2009. A total of 30 films will be screened at GV Marina and The Arts House. Tickets sold at $10 each at GV and The Arts House box offices, and AXS Stations islandwide.

For more film schedules and synopses, please go to the official site:

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AFFF 2009: Celebrated Jury Members

Here’s the list of celebrated jury that AFFF managed to invite for this year.

Ana Kokkinos, Filmmaker

Ana Kokkinos

Ana Kokkinos is a Melbourne-based filmmaker whose career spans film and television. Her recent film, Blessed which premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival in 2009 won her Golden Shell for Best Screenplay, the Contemporary World Cinema Section at the Toronto International Film Festival (2009) and the BFI Times London International Film Festival (2009). Blessed has also been nominated for 4 Australian Film Institute Awards including Best Film.

Her other multi-award winning films include Head On which she directed and co-wrote with Andrew Bovell and Mira Robertson, The Book of Revelation which she directed and co-wrote with Andrew Bovell and Only The Brave which she directed and co-wrote with Mira Robertson. Films such as The Secret Life of Us, Young Lions and Eugenie Sandler Pl were also directed by Ana.

She is currently a board member of Film Victoria and was an Industry Consultant and Mentor to MA Directing students at the Australia Film, Television and Radio School in Sydney, in 2007. Ana was also a participant in the Creative Stream of the 2020 Summit in Canberra in 2008.

Chris Lee, Producer

Chris Lee

Chris Lee was formerly the head of Columbia/TriStar where he oversaw the production of films such as Jerry Maguire, As Good As It Gets and Philadelphia. After leaving Columbia, he went on to produce internationally-recognised films such as Valkyrie, Superman Returns and its sequel, Superman: Man of Steel. Lee is the founder of the University of Hawaii’s Academy for Creative Media.

Other movies under his belt include:
· Dim Sum: A Little Bit of Heart (1985) (Assistant Director/Assistant Editor)
· Blood of the Samurai (2001) (very special thanks)
· Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001) (Producer)
· Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (2002) (Producer)
· S.W.A.T. (2003) (Producer)
· Superman Returns (2006) (Executive Producer/Assistant Visual Effects Production Coordinator)
· One Foot Off the Ground (2006) (Executive Producer)
· Real Fiction (2008) (Executive Producer)
· Valkyrie (2008) (Executive Producer)
· The People I’ve Slept With (2009) (special thanks)
· Superman: Man of Steel (2011) (Executive Producer)

Kabir Khan, Director

Kabir Khan

Kabir Khan is a film graduate from Jamia, New Delhi and his film and documentary assignments have given him opportunities to travel extensively to over 60 countries. In 1998, he won the Grand Jury award at Film South Asia 2000 for his documentary, The Forgotten Arm. He moved on to direct a film, Two Assassinations and An Accident which won him Best National Film Award jointly with another film, Mechanics of Change at the Mumbai International Film Festival 2002. He was also awarded the National Critics Award.

His first feature film, Kabul Express premiered in the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival 2006 and then went on to the London, Pusan, Dubai, Singapore, Casablanca and Cairo Film Festivals. At the Asian Festival of First films in 2007, he received the Best Director’s Award and the Foreign Correspondents Association Purple Orchid Award for Best Film. His second feature film, New York, released worldwide in June 2009 to much critical acclaim and box office success. The film is set against the backdrop of post 9/11 New York and was shot in a single 100-day schedule in USA.

Other than filmmaking, he enjoys photography and this has won him several awards such as international photography awards at the 50th anniversary of the Geneva Convention in Switzerland in 1999 and the Nikon International Photo of the year in 2003.


All the nominated films will be screened at Golden Village Marina and The Arts House from 28th November to 3rd December 2009. Tickets are available from the respective box offices and online (only Golden Village) at $10 each. Click here to see the schedule in full size.

For any other info, pls go to the official site:

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AFFF 2009: List of Nominees

Here’s the list of nominees for Asian Festival of First Films 2009:

Best Director
· For Real
· Lahore
· Looking For Anne
· Madholal Keep Walking
· Storage
· Dead Slowly

Best Producer
· Storage
· For Real
· Land Gold Women
· Madholal Keep Walking

Best Film (Producer & Director)
· For Real
· Lahore
· Looking For Anne
· Madholal Keep Walking
· Storage
· Dead Slowly
· Land Gold Women

Best Screenplay
· For Real
· 7 Days In Slow Motion
· Bollywood Beats
· Frontier Blues

Best Cinematographer/Editor
· Blood Ties
· Lahore
· Superman Of Malegaon
· Cowboys In Paradise

Best Actor
· For Real
· Cashless
· Basic Love
· Frontier Blues

Best Actress
· Blood Ties
· For Real
· Closed For Winter
· Trick Or Cheat

Best Documentary/Director Documentary
· A Homecoming Spectacle
· Addicted In Afghanistan
· Superman Of Malegaon
· Vitthal
· Cowboys In Paradise
· Alternate Lives: The Street Busker
· Honey Hunters

Best Short Film
· Vaishnav Jan Toh
· Love And Luksah
· Certain Chapters
· Kala Pul
· Swayamsidhha
· Ikaw Sana
· Just Kabir

Image taken from

Out of all these films, I have only watched Basic Love on DVD before. It is a very simple movie and great when you need something to relax your mind (a no-brainer type of movie). I do think that the male actor is great, especially since he is actually from a singing background. Hopefully he may win the Best Actor award.

Another film I actually taken note before is Blood Ties, which is produced in Singapore. However I changed my mind to watch it at the last minute as I feel that it is a little too bloody for my taste after watching the trailer. But since it is a Singapore film, i will definitely be giving my support to it and hoping it will win all the awards it is being nominated for. 🙂

If you are keen to watch the nominated films, they will be screened at Golden Village Marina and The Arts House from 28th November to 3rd December 2009. Tickets are available from the respective box offices and online (only Golden Village) at $10 each. Film synopses and schedules will be listed on the festival website

Click here to see the schedule in full size.

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Certain Chapters is one of AFFF 2009 nominees

AFFF is a prestigious festival that celebrates first-time film and documentary-makers and provides a platform for budding film talent. This year, the festival attracted over 700 entries and Certain Chapters is the sole Tamil nominee out of the 30 nominees from 28 countries.

Certain Chapters is a short independent Tamil-Language film released in Singapore.
Directed by Singaporean Abbas Akbar, it reveals the world of Indian gangsters in Singapore. Click here to watch videos of Certain Chapters.

The winners of the Asian Festival of First Films 2009 will be announced at the AFFF 2009 Gala Dinner in Singapore on December 4th. It will definitely be an unforgettable event for all the nominees.

For all updated news, pls refer to the official site:

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AFFF: Certain Chapters

亚洲第一影片节(Asian Festival of First Films 2009)是为了欢庆亚洲最优秀并是第一次当任制片、导演、编剧、摄影师、演员、技师以及纪录片拍摄等的影片从事者。今年参加比赛的影片有超过700项,而Certain Chapters (Sila Atthiyayangal)是唯一被提名的印度短片。

短片改编自新加坡流氓的黑暗世界,故事围绕面临身份危机的Jegan(Abbas Akbar演绎),希望在别人眼中创造一定的形象,决定请教黑社会党派领导Veera (Elias Mikhail演绎),结果误杀了一名无辜男子及痛打了一名年轻学生。

由本地导演Abbas Akbar编导,音乐由本地著名音乐总监Shabir创作,这部简短的独立印度影片也曾在许多电影节播放。由于主题和内容使用了粗俗的语言,影片被评为R21。 以下是Certain Chapters的电影预告片:

Certain Chapters – 30Sec Trailer (New)

Certain Chapters
亚洲第一影片节的颁奖典礼将在 12 月 4 日举行。 祝所有提名者好运!


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一部电影的制作不容易。印度女性独立制片导演兼演员娜蒂塔(Nandita Das)便是影片背后的女人。


2009年亚洲第一影片节(Asian Festival of First Films 2009)将于 2009 年 11 月 28 日至 12 月 4 日在本地进行。 而奖项将在 12 月 4 日所举行的颁奖典礼上宣布。作品呈交日期已经截至了,现在就让我们等待入围名单吧,相信会有很多不错的作品!



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AFFF updates: Entries closed for 2009

Well, entries are closed for 2009. If you have submit your works, be sure to look out for the nomination list in November and good luck to you. If you didnt send in any yet, oh well, there is always next year. You can check out the works in this year and get a taste of how competition is like. 🙂

For your information, here’s the Festival Process:

1. Selection will take place worldwide as determined by the Festival Directorate.

2. After the selection process the directorate will shortlist films in each of the following categories:

a.Best Film (Producer or Director)
b.Best Director
c.Best Producer
d.Best Cinematographer or Editor
e.Best Female Actor
f.Best Male Actor
g.Best Script/Screenplay
h.Best Documentary
i.Best Director of Documentary
j.Foreign Correspondents Association Choice Award
k.Best Short Film Award

4.The films will be screened at the Asian Festival of 1st Films to be held from 28th Nov to 4th Dec 2009.

5.Nominations will be announced in Singapore and posted on our web site in November 2009. Subsequent contact will be made with the nominees.

6.An international jury composed of eminent film personalities, appointed by the Festival Directorate, will determine the winners in each of the defined categories.

7.The decisions of the jury will be full and final.

8.Awards will be announced at a ceremony to be held on 4th December 2009 in Singapore to be telecast across the region.

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Asian Festival of First Films (AFFF)

Hey guyz, here to update on Asian Festival of First Films (AFFF).

Well, AFFF is a film and documentary festival held annually that celebrates the achievements and excellence of first-time filmmakers, including producers, directors, writers, cinematographers, actors and documentary-makers by people of Asia- pacific.

AFFF was first launched in November 2005 by Teamwork Productions (organiser) together with Singapore’s Media Development Authority, as part of the Asia Media Festival. It is running into its fifth year this year. And it is going to be held in Singapore, which is recognized as a well established hub for the performing arts in the region. It is the only festival of its kind that provides a platform for first time film makers of Asia Pacific origin to showcase their talent.

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Asian Festival of First Films 2009






第四届亚洲第一影片节(Asian Festival of First Films 2009)就是为了欢庆亚洲最优秀并是第一次当任制片、导演、编剧、摄影师、演员、技师以及纪录片拍摄等的影片从事者。亚洲第一影片节将于 2009 年 11 月 28 日至 12 月 4 日在本地进行。 而奖项将在 12 月 4 日所举行的颁奖典礼上宣布。 颁奖典礼也将会于本区域转播。

影片节过程 Festival Process:

一、 影片节董事会将从世界各地的参赛作品筛选出入围名单。
Selection will take place worldwide as determined by the Festival Directorate.

二、 筛选委员会将从每个区域选一个作品角逐以下奖项:
After the selection process the directorate will shortlist films in each of the following categories:

a. 最佳影片 – 制片与导演 (Best Film – Producer or Director)

b. 最佳导演(Best Director)

c. 最佳制片(Best Producer)

d. 最佳摄影或剪接(Best Cinematographer or Editor)

e. 最佳女主角(Best Female Actor)

f. 最佳男主角(Best Male Actor)

g. 最佳编剧(Best Script/Screenplay)

h. 最佳纪录片(Best Documentary)

i. 最佳纪录片导演(Best Director of Documentary)

j. 海外通讯员协会推荐奖(Foreign Correspondents Association Choice Award)

k. 最佳短片(Best Short Film Award)

参赛资格 Eligibilty & Criteria:

一、 影片必须于 2008 年 9 月 1 日至 2009 年 8 月 31 日之间制作。
Films must have been produced between September 1st 2008 and August 31st 2009.

二、 影片只限于源自亚洲的第一次担任以上级别的影片从事者。
Films can only be submitted by first time filmmakers of Asian Pacific origin* in the categories mentioned above.

三、 电影最后播放程式必须为 35 毫米、 70 毫米、数码或高数码。
Feature films final screening print should be in 35mm, 70mm, digital or HD formats

四、 纪录片的播放程式不受限制
Documentaries may be on any format.

五、 电影的播放时间必须至少 80 分钟以上
Feature Films should have a minimum running time of 80minutes.

六、 所有以当地语言摄制的影片必须附有英文字幕
All films must be submitted in their original language with English subtitles.

七、所有参赛作品必须在 2009 年 9 月 15 日前呈交
The Directorate must receive entries by the 15th September 2009.

八、 所有参赛作品必须通过影片节的官方网站呈交。 另外, 影片的数码影碟在呈交上来时必须附上已填写完毕的参赛资料。
Entries must be submitted online at the Official Festival website. In addition hard copies must be sent with DVD’s of the films to be submitted.

九、 每份参赛作品必须附上以下资料 :

– 影片制片允许作品参赛的许可信

– 2 份参赛表格附上影片带子或数码影碟

– 3 份(无须退还)影片的数码影碟或录影带( VHS PAL 程式)

– 完整的演出和幕后制作名单

– 提名者的介绍

– 2 张提名者相片

– 2 张影片的画面照

– 一段以英文书写并不超过 100 字的影片短介

– 影片制作的产地

– 所有呈交上来的资料必须陪同电子方式的呈交

Each entry must be accompanied by the following:

– An official letter of consent from the producer of the film authorizing entry to the competition,

– Two printed copies of the completed entry form must accompany the tapes/DVDs.

– 3 non-returnable copies of each film or documentary in either DVD or VHS PAL format.

– A full list of artistic and technical credits.

– A profile of the nominee.

– Two photographs of the person/s or nominee entering the competition

– Two stills of the film/documentary.

– A synopsis written in English in not more than 100 words.


十、 参赛作品的邮件费用将由呈交作品者承担。
Postal cost of tapes and submission forms will be borne by the submitting artist.

十一、 参赛作品不需要付任何参赛费
There is no entry fee required for submission of feature films and documentaries.

十二、 若影片被选在影片节播放,所有与影片运输有关的费用将由影片的制片负责。
In the event that films are selected for screening at the Festival, all costs of shipping prints, including customs, insurance and return shipping are the responsibility of the producer.

十三、 影片一旦进入筛选过程就不能退出。
No film maybe withdrawn once it has entered the selection process.

十四、 若有任何版权纠纷,影片的制片将负全部责任。影片节的董事会将没有任何义务。
In cases of copyright infringement, whether local or international, the submitting producer shall be held directly responsible. The Festival Directorate will not be held liable.

十五、 所有入围者都应该出席颁奖典礼。
Nominees in each award category are expected to attend the Award Ceremony.

十六、 被选在影片节播放的影片必须附上足够的宣传资料
Adequate publicity and promotional material must accompany the films short-listed to be screened at the Festival.

还在等什么呢?截止日期:2009 年 9 月 15 日
或许你会成为下一个Eric Koo!


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Calling for all budding film makers…

If you are a budding film maker, you have a chance for a taste of fame.

The Asian Festival of First Films is the world’s premiere Film and Documentary Festival for first time documentaries and films across 11 award categories including Producers, Directors, Actors, Screenplay writers and Technicians by people of Asia – Pacific origin.

Last date of submission is 15 Sept and you can submit your works at

So what are you waiting for? Submit your works now. Good luck!!! 🙂

List of Award Categories:

Click here for a larger view.

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